Children, mostly, sit wrong. As parents you must correct them. Learn how

way to sit

When a child is born, or even before his/her birth, parents are often busy with securing their future in every way. Be it education, health, insurance etc. But often miss out on the subtle things the child does in their day to day life while growing up, which may impact them in the long run. One such thing is a W sitting position your child adopts.

What is W sitting position?

W sitting position is when the child sits on the ground with their knees bent and legs moved away from either side of their body. Now this position is something we see children normally adopting while playing. So why is this harmful, you may ask. well it is perfectly normal if the child is going in this position ONLY at times. Once the child starts frequenting this position, parents watch out, as this may be due to underlying reasons.

Why do children sit in the W pose?

The reason is comfort. Every child loves to play and perform different activities for which they need to perform certain body movements to get in and out from different positions. When a child is unable to perform such bodily movements, they tend to find one comfortable position which allows them to play easily. It gives stability to their trunk so they don’t get out of control, hence easy manipulation while playing with toys. If you may have noticed, even crawling from this position gets easier.

How it affects your child

When in W sitting position, the trunk remains fixed, not allowing the child to move around turning and twisting to reach out things. The weight shifts while playing now allows the child to balance while running and playing outside when they grow up. Also reaching out to things with rotation of trunk help the child to perform crossing the mid-line activities which helps them in the later life with writing and table tops activities.

Some common ways the W sitting may affect your child

  • Hip dislocation
  • Tightness of hip abductors (which are important for balancing on one leg)
  • Knee problems
  • Tibial torsion (rotation of the bone in our lower leg)
  • Abnormal movement patterns
  • Balance and co-ordination problems

While it is very normal for the child to adopt this position, it is only normal if the child is equally going into other positions as well. So if you find your child or anyone you know of going into the w sitting position more frequently, it might be of concern. so be alert and encourage your child to play in different position to promote their overall health.

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