Chennai based startup Try Cinema is bringing filmmakers of world together

Filmmakers, artists and fans all around the Globe can now connect, learn, promote, compete and buy film-making equipment on one platform.

Global core team of Try Cinema
Global core team of Try Cinema. (From L-R) Deepak Kumar, CEO based in Chennai. Antonio Rozich Serbia, Lead Communication and Goran Ramlijak from Croatia heads the Design at Try Cinema

When it comes to choosing career, Indians are pretty much clear about either becoming a Doctor or an Engineer. You cannot be anything else, successfully. Because for us, Artists and struggle are synonyms to each other.


Beta, bade hokar kya banoge?

Many of us would have heard this while growing up and for most of us our answers would have had varied, as we grew older. And in the end, what do we end up doing? Usually we are an Engineer sitting in a cubicle and debugging our way to the top!

“Whomever I talked to I heard the same thing over and over again. Everyone told me they had a different dream and now they are doing something completely different. An Architect who wanted to become a Pilot as a kid is a Software Engineer in Wipro!”

Deepak Kumar, Founder and CEO, of Try Cinema loves film industry. He always believed that film industry has the ability to create huge impact on the minds of people. And he wants to enable people to chase their dream not just in the film industry but in any industry irrespective of where they live or what language they speak. Try Cinema was started so that Artists do not have to struggle (too much) while chasing their dreams.

“People should do what they love. The fear of facing difficulties shouldn’t keep them from chasing their dreams.”

Walking the path less travelled

With Try Cinema Deepak wants to create the largest community for film-makers, artists, fans and institutions. Through Try Cinema, one can hear, say and do whatever they want in the film industry. It would be like the Universe of Film industry. He wants to keep on expanding the opportunities for the fraternity as they explore more.

Try Cinema is currently working with a Global team towards the launch of the product in December 2016.

Try Cinema Vision

“Film industry will be globally united and it’s voice will be utilized to create global impacts”

The Wow Moment!

When Deepak decided to start Try Cinema a year ago, his father K.R. Prabakaran became his co-founder. Deepak recalls it as a ‘Wow Moment’ when his Dad joined him as not only his co-founder but as a mentor too.

Sticking to his belief of no boundaries restriction for chasing a dream, Deepak always wanted a Global team. And after months, the Core Team was formed :

  • Goran Ramlijak is the Lead designer from Croatia.
  • Antonio Rozich from Serbia Leads Communication. He conveys to people what Try Cinema does and vice versa.
  • Abhilash, alumnus from IIT Madras is the CTO of Try Cinema.

Try Cinema’s development team works from Chennai and the rest remotely. Currently, Try Cinema has a team of 9 working for it and they are looking to hire more.

Try Cinema is actively looking for Full Stack Developer. Click on the following link to apply for the job:

Try Cinema

Try Cinema is hiring!

Achievements so far

In the past 6 months, Try Cinema has seen:

  • Daily 150 + unique visitors
  • Students from top 5 film institutes in United States subscribing to the website
  • Request from people of 6+ different countries for early access to the product
  • Invitation to audition from Shark Tank

Looking at such response, Try Cinema team is excited about their product launch in December 2016.

Check out Try Cinema video here:

Film Industry and Try Cinema’s Competitors

There are few players in the market who are serving film industry as a blog or database or audition sites. However, they are not addressing the actual problem. The need to be address here goes beyond database or blogs. The industry needs unity, focus and opportunities. That is what Deepak is trying to solve. He is looking at the problem as a multi-dimensional structure. He believes and wants to give people an empty space with gazillion chances to build their future as an Artist in the film industry in any part of the world. Currently, ImdbPro, Stage32 are the major competitors of Try Cinema.

Try Cinema is also looking out for investors in the near future and are looking forward to have a fun filled future building their product and helping Artist chase their dream

“Try Cinema will be the one whole universe for the film industry. Strong Attraction, Expanding with gazillion opportunities. We invite Cool investors to join on board early. Let’s have a fun filled future together.”

Deepak and his team would love to know your feedback in the comments below


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