Can’t find time and energy to exercise? You need this now.

Young woman drinking coke in cafe
Young woman drinking coke in cafe

Giving the excuse of being too tired to exercise after a busy day at work is no more required. Here I will tell you what you can do to slim down without really exercising.

I have already stated how being sedentary can pose serious threats to your health. I can totally relate when you say that it is not easy to take out time for gym and exercises when you have to travel, do your work and other everyday chores. But we cannot let these reaons to side track our health. After all, health is wealth. Taking small steps to keep you fit is just as important as taking out your health insurance. So here are the few simple ways you can make your sedentary lifestyle active

Walk around whenever you can

After you sit for an hour, get up and walk around for 5 minutes. It can have a very positive impact on your health if after every one hour of inactivity you walk around for 5 minutes. Just go around and catch up with the co worker at another desk to discuss that project. Or go and take the print yourself. You can never run out of reasons to walk.

Stretch often, all the time

Every once in a while, get up and stretch your body. Sitting for long builds up tension in your muscles. A quick stretch here and there will help your muscles relax and keep you fit and flexible.

Pledge to take stairs

Ditch that lift and take the stairs instead. Everywhere. From your home to parking, in you office, and getting back up to your apartment. People usually miss out one of the best form of exercise while opting for lifts. Climbing stairs gives you the benefits of whole body workout, burning calories right on your way to work.

Walk your dog, yourself

Instead of getting up on time for work, wake up little earlier and take your dear dog out for a walk. Give that adorable one some of your time and we are sure your dog would love you more for that. Win win for you.

Watch TV with a twist 

When you get back home today, shift your treadmill from some corner to in front of your television. So that you can move a bit while watching your favourite show or while watching your favourite player make that goal.

So people try to incorporate these little things in your daily life to stay fit and save yourself from the diseases that sedentary lifestyle gets along. Keep moving and also share it with your friends to get them active too.

Disclaimer: It is advised that in case of pregnancy, existing health problems or unusual and severe pain consult a physician first. Do not try out the suggestions on Sharesume without consulting a physician or physiotherapist in person. On Sharesume we share general purpose information for perfectly healthy people to prevent health problems. A personal visit to a doctor will help you to get better treatment.



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