Surprising benefits of bananas on your body. You’ll love #6

banana eating benefits and side effects

Bananas are something we all love. It is widely available in markets and if we see all the benefits it has, it certainly comes at a super affordable price. Let’s check out the benefits below.

#1 Builds lean muscle mass

Banana helps in protein synthesis, which increases the lean body mass. Bananas also provides quick energy as they contain glucose. It also contains Potassium, which during workout, prevent muscle cramps along with reducing post workout muscle soreness.

#2 Makes bones stronger

Eating bananas improves calcium absorption, which is very important for bone health, due to its content fructooligosaccharides, which also promotes the growth of good gut bacteria in our colon thereby increasing the absorption of more nutrients.

#3 Fights depression

Banana is rich in vitamin B6, which helps serotonin, which is a feel good hormone that is an antidepressant, reach the brain faster. Thus helping by alleviating the depressed person’s mood.

#4 Reduces blood pressure

One more important benefit bananas provides us with is that they are rich in potassium and low in sodium which is very important in lowering a person’s blood pressure levels.  Potassium also reduces the tension in blood vessel walls.

#5 Helps in Digestion

Bananas are rich in pectin which helps improve digestion and High fiber in banana softens our bowel movements thereby helping in constipation.

#6 Helps in Weight Loss

Bananas being the low energy density fruit, help in losing weight due to its content fiber and resistant starch.



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