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Prosperity comes with Sharesume

Yes, you read it right. Prosperity comes with new opportunities. Prosperity comes with better opportunities. That be a better job or better work, Sharesume enables you to prosper in your career.

If you have a job, or you are a freelancer, it is essential for you to market yourself. Just like while providing a service, one has to advertise the the service, individuals giving their service have to advertise themselves. That is the key to getting great opportunities. You wonder, why some people get lucky in career. They do not get plain lucky, they understand the importance of self branding. They take necessary steps in that direction. All those efforts behind the curtains is what leads to all the successes in one's career.

At Sharesume, we are focussed on helping professionals find better opportunities of work. And so we urge people to be an author on this website. Write on Sharesume regularly, on the domain that you work on. A marketer could write about Social Media Marketing (SMM) or Account Based Marketing (ABM). A programmer could write on the frameworks or libraries s/he is using. Somebody from finance background can write about the new tax laws or the stock markets.

With Sharesume, authors get a dedicated page where details about them is listed. Their articles are listed. Also their contact details are visible. The articles you write and the portfolio you build on Sharesume, will be the source of new opportunities. And, it keeps getting better with time. It helps you become the internet celebrity. It is not a secret anymore that the internet celebs get great opportunities, that others can not even dream of.

All I say is, don't stay left out. Take charge of your career. Advertise yourself. Make your brand bigger and bigger with each passing day. Open doors to awesome new opportunities. Dream and fly while living those dreams. Take your first step now. Start writing on Sharesume. And see how life takes new leaps!

— Vinit Khandelwal, Founder Sharesume & CVfy

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