Avoid office politics like a pro with these simple rules

Avoid office politics like a pro

If you want a foolproof way to stay out of trouble at workplace then all you need is to avoid office politics.

There have been study claiming that office politics are essential part of workplace but many see it as a lethal and often counter-productive. It is a good idea to avoid office politics by following these rules:

Walk away

One of the best and tested rule is just to walk away from the place if you are not comfortable with the gossip taking place. Do not think that you will take as rude to walk away from an ongoing conversation. It is always better to walk from the conversations if you are not comfortable with the way the discussion is moving towards

Protect yourself

Another way of protecting yourself from gossips is to not share too much of your personal information with your colleagues. This will help to avoid office politics and ensures that you do not become an object of gossip in the office

Be positive

Criticising about your Boss or your subordinates can be disruptive for you professionally. At all times keep a positive attitude about your work and Boss. Having such attitude usually doesn’t go well with the ones who prefer engaging in the office politics.

Fine line between staying informed and gossiping
Stay informed. But don’t gossip. There’s a fine line between the two

Staying informed vs Gossiping

Never cross the thin line between staying informed and indulging in the gossip. You shouldn’t be part of politics nevertheless, you should pay attention to what others say. Some information could be helpful for you in getting promotion, news of org restructuring, etc.

Don’t vent at your workplace

If at any point of time you feel you are being treated unfairly, it is better to talk about it with your Boss than with your subordinates or colleagues. Bringing it up with your Boss might just solve your problem and you could be rewarded for the effort of bringing it up to him.

Is there any specific situation at work you have been where you have been uncomfortable talking about it? Do share your story with us in the comments below

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