mongodb tutorial for startups

MongoDB — Introduction Tutorial for Startups | Starting up with MongoDB

MongoDB tutorial for startups. Most of you are aware of SQL, but MongoDB is not SQL, it is NoSQL. More about it here. Starting up? Here is a blog you would love to follow. Here,...
How to Import Articles from Google Docs to WordPress

How to Import Articles from Google Docs to WordPress?

Here is a free solution on how to import articles from Google Docs to WordPress. We generally use the WordPress editor or desktop editors like Open Live Writer, Blogo, or Desk to write WordPress articles. But, if you also want...
cover letter can be the first impression of yours to the recruiter. Make it count

How to Write a Cover Letter That Impresses Recruiter?

A cover letter is brief description of the purpose of contacting and content of the resume. It is generally not longer than two paragraphs or a page. The only time a cover letter should not...
D-Mart IPO

Should You Consider Subscribing to D-mart IPO?

D-Mart IPO is the talk of the town. D-Mart IPO is the most sought after IPO in the retail sector. There are many reasons for it. But the question you should be asking is,...
Marketing content automation through AI

Automate content marketing easily with these 13 almost-free tools

Automate content marketing like everything else you have been automating in your business. Content marketing can be time consuming but essential. But you have solutions today that will save your time in content marketing. Here...
ideas the rich and successful follow

Ideas that the rich and successful follow that makes them what they are

Nobody makes money catching whales. People make money catching shrimps - Jack Ma The idea is to serve the masses and not the classes. Something that Jack Ma focuses on. Jack Ma's Alibaba focuses on serving...
Salary at Google

How much does google pay its employees? Info from all over the internet

Some say Google pays $3 million to some of its engineer. According to Business Insider in 2012, here is what Google paid for some of the positions.
throwing resume

20 second resume skimming and the objective statement

I have seen that people who are applying for a job write a very detailed resume and yet never pay attention to the structure, design and flow of the resume. For them, let me tell you,...
The Vault

Get ready to get funded, India now has its own version of Shark Tank!

The Vault, is a new Indian reality TV series coming soon, on the lines of American reality TV series, Shark Tank. In the series investors hear ideas from contestants and grill them with tough questions, to...
I am a billionaire because I do not have an email

I am a billionaire because I don’t have an email This is a fictitious short story but one that is a good motivation for people having two thoughts about entrepreneurship. Read till the end. An unemployed young man came to New York and applied for the...