Dr. Sadaf Attar, Physiotherapist

Dr. Sadaf Attar is a renowned physiotherapist from Pune, India. She has made a large impact on the society with the help of physiotherapy. She would suggest her patients to avoid surgery and medicines wherever possible and take up physiotherapy that cures the problem at the root without any side effects. She is on a mission to help people live a long and healthy life. Contact Dr. Sadaf Attar for free consulting at sadaf.attar@gmail.com or +91-9860366714
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Always wanted to do Yoga but do not know where to start? Try this

We all love yoga. It makes us feel better from the inside as well as outside. Know about the various benefits of yoga here. Even though it has so many benefits, many of us just...

Here is all that yoga can do to your body, mind, and soul

Yoga is a 5000 year old knowledge about body which was originated in ancient India and it involves the development of individual mind, body and soul. Yoga gives us an overall sense of well being...
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Can’t find time and energy to exercise? You need this now.

Giving the excuse of being too tired to exercise after a busy day at work is no more required. Here I will tell you what you can do to slim down without really exercising. I have already...
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I bet you didn’t know what sitting for long hours can do to your...

Having a sedentary lifestyle can shorten your life by 8 years. Not just that, there are more problems that arise of a sedentary lifestyle.
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Children, mostly, sit wrong. As parents you must correct them. Learn how

When a child is born, or even before his/her birth, parents are often busy with securing their future in every way. Be it education, health, insurance etc. But often miss out on the subtle things the child does in their day to day life while growing up, which may impact them in the long run.
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You’ll be surprised to find how powerful can power naps be. Make it a...

A power nap, along with satisfying our lazy selves with some sleep, does carry many health benefits to improve our overall health.
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You won’t believe, this one minute exercise is all you need to lose belly...

Being a Physical Therapist, the one question I get asked by almost every second person I meet, is ‘How do I loose belly fat?’ It certainly has to be one of the most common...
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What if you are drinking water the wrong way? Here is how it can...

We all have grown up hearing from our elders about sitting while we drink water. Unfortunately like most of the things they say, this too falls on our deaf ears each time. If only we knew the after effects it has!