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Lesson from Mister Magoo

Ignorance and Lack of Perspective

Inefficient Resumes … with a little help from Mr Magoo Mr Magoo first arrived on the scene in 1949, long before most of us were born. He was originally voiced by Jim Backus, later of...
The Resume  — A History In Reverse Chronological Order

The Resume  —  A History: In Reverse Chronological Order

Summary of Experience Resumes have come a long way. I mean a seriously long way. It is a work history that spans nearly 6000 years. Along the way, it has rebranded and reformatted. It is...
Improving Your Resume

Improving Your Resume

Your Resume Really Isn’t For Storage Many people’s resumes are poorly targeted. They bare a striking resemblance to the attic, the supply closet, or the utility room. They are place where old skills are collected,...
Da Vinci's Resume An Historic Lesson for Job Seekers

Da Vinci’s Resume: An Historic Lesson for Job Seekers

Much has been written about Leonardo Da Vinci's letter to Sforza, the Duke of Bari and Regent of Milan. Some claim it is the perfect Cover Letter, others the perfect Resume. It is probably...