Artificial Intelligence Firm — DeepMind’s New Research Lab in Edmonton

Artificial Intelligence Firm — DeepMind's New Research Lab in Edmonton

DeepMind — a major artificial intelligence firm announced on 5th July 2017, their plans to set up operations in Edmonton, Canada.

The company says it plans to open a research office in Alberta’s capital in Canada. It’s the first time the company has opened office outside of the United Kingdom. The company plans to run this office in close collaboration with the University of Alberta.

In a new release from DeepMind, they say that it was a big decision for them to open their first research lab outside of the UK. They chose Edmonton as they have a deep admiration and respect for the Canadian research community. They have dozens of employees from University of Alberta.

The company says “DeepMind Alberta” will be led by a trio of University of Alberta professors—Rich Sutton, Michael Bowling, and Patrick Pilarski—who will all stay on at the university.

As per the company, this alignment of academic and practitioner-led research is expected to drive many new scientific breakthroughs in Canada, pushing the field of AI forwards into exciting new territory.

The company plans to help fund AI programs at the University of Alberta to help propel the pace at which Edmonton is becoming a technology hub.

Edmonton’s mayor said he was thrilled by the DeepMind announcement.

“Having a research lab of this magnitude will strengthen Edmonton’s reputation as an artificial intelligence hub and help build a network of ideas that will transform our world. DeepMind is defining what’s possible with AI and we’re proud to be part of that story.” — Don Iveson, Mayor, Edmonton, Canada

University of Alberta is majorly the reason behind Edmonton’s growing reputation as a prospective computer and technology hub at a global level. The university’s department of computing science is the oldest and the largest computing science department of Canada.

DeepMind’ Edmonton research office is expected to open later in July.



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