On the track of Ratlam-Ajmer near Mannkedha, on Wednesday morning, a laborer found a crack of about 25 mm. At that very moment, the laborer saw the Ratlam-Jamuna Bridge passenger train coming on that track. The laborer ran about 450 meters towards train to stop it. The train stopped just about 50 meters away from the crack, saving thousands of lives.

The laborers used an emergency plate on the crack and 20 minutes later the train could depart. The travellers thanked the laborer who saved their lives.

The laborer’s name is Arjun Meena. He was inspecting the rail track when he found the 55 mm crack on the track. Had Arjun not have tried to stop the train, it could have led to a major accident of derail.

Arjun informed the authorities about the crack and they collectively decided to stop the train that was already on its way to pass on that track. Arjun took a red flag and ran towards the train signalling it to stop. Arjun says that the act was his duty and nothing else.

Proud of workers like Arjun because of whom thousands of lives are saved today. Let people of this nation know about Arjun and his good deed.