Best Way to Answer What Is Your Greatest Weakness? Job Interview Questions

greatest weakness interview question

You can answer this question in several ways. You can talk about your weak skills as the one which are unimportant for the job. You can talk about how you improved on your weaknesses, giving an impression that you work towards your greatest weakness.

Some of the Ways to Answer “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?”

One must never talk negative in an interview, even when the discussion is around your weaknesses. Turn around the topic to positive ideas immediately. Here are some of the ways you can try.

Discuss Non-Essential Skills

One of the easiest way to answer is to discuss some skills that you are poor at but are unnecessary for the job. A developer can talk about how sales is their weakness. A shortcoming with the skills that are essential for the job will only lead to you losing the opportunity. So keep the discussion as far away to the key skills as possible while discussing weaknesses.

Mention Skills You Have Improved

Another nice way of dealing with it is, mention the skills you were earlier weak at but no more. And immediately explain how you worked on your weakness and made it your strength. The attitude of improving upon the weaknesses is considered positive by interviewers. Make use of this opportunity to give that impression.

Display Positive As Negative

One of the best way to deal with the question is use a skill or behaviour considered in favor of the job as your weakness. A good example of this is, mentioning that you have an OCD to meet deadlines, and you get uncomfortable when deadlines are not met. You would be explaining this as your weakness, but the employer would be happy to know.

Examples of the Best Answers to “What is Your Greatest Weakness?”

Make sure to never use negative words. Not even “weakness”

  • I am obsessed with meeting deadlines. In fact, I try to finish work well before deadlines.
  • I wasn’t very organized in college, but with so many years of work experience, I learnt ways to be disciplined and organized. Now I am proud of how I overcame that weakness.
  • I am more like a perfectionist. It try as much as I can to optimize the result. Although, to make sure I don’t over spend my time on an issue, I work decide in advance the amount of time to be spent on it. This is a system I created to balance between quality and time efficiency.
  • In the earlier days of my career I used to have a lot of issues with keeping up all the meetings. But eventually I have started using calendars all the time to overcome the management issues.
  • I tend to take up every task personally. I tend to over work sometimes. But now I look out for help first, before overdoing it.
  • I had difficulty with certain statistical tools. But then I have covered most of it by taking online tutorials.
  • I am very focussed on the task at hand. I had to create a system of time management to be able to multi-task. Now I am comfortably able to work on multiple projects by dividing my time to each one of them.
  • Although I can be called perfectionist. By now it works in my favor. I deliver a higher quality of work.
  • In the early college days, I used to leave assignments to be done for the last hour. With passing years and increasing work load I have dropped that habit.
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