How is AI in Marketing Shaping Up? How AI is being incorporated in Marketing?

Marketing content automation through AI

AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence has started becoming an integral part of marketing lately.

Marketers have already started incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their processes. And this inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in processes will continue to increase leaving more time at hand for the marketers.

Marketers have always been complaining that most of their time goes into manual tasks such as managing ads on various platforms, analysing response, and thereby making changes to their campaigns. Less time is left on being creative with the way they market. Running existing processes takes away most of their time. Bringing new additions that makes their marketing more effective is not quite possible in such a scenario. More and more marketers are doing the job of a statistician than being creative.

Marketers do need to analyse data to drive their creativity in the right direction. But that should be a small part of the job, but it takes most of their time. Artificial Intelligence does come to the rescue to such marketers.

Although, we are still focusing mostly on automating marketing tasks, AI based approaches are catching up too. There is a stark difference between automating tasks and using Artificial Intelligence. While automation is a superset of AI, it doesn’t necessarily use AI. Most automation involves setting up a workflow of tasks and letting programs or devices perform it repeatedly. The AI approach is where, the program optimizes the task while performing it. Such an approach is very useful in data analysis, where with every addition of data, the insight may change.

The key concern of marketers across the globe that their time is mostly spent in mundane tasks will be soon addressed by a number of application. The decade ahead will bring about a good change in the way marketers perform their task.

Isn’t AI old now?

It sure is. There has been a lot of talking about Artificial Intelligence so far but the application is lagging. In recent months the pace of implementing Artificial Intelligence has gone significantly up. It is expected to increase even faster in the years to come.

A lot of applications are already built with AI capabilities, but not sufficient to power from small companies to large ones, everyone. And that is what we will be seeing in the decade ahead.

One can easily see the application of AI in all of Google products. From YouTube to Gmail to Google Maps, all have been using AI extensively. But this kind of application is seen only in some of the top tech companies.

Not just in software, but Amazon and several European retailers are using AI in the machines used at their warehouses. AI is also being used in advertising, trading stocks, transportation now.

Artificial Intelligence is being talked about since several decades now. But it is only now that we are able to use it to actually benefit in business operations.

AI technologies can be leveraged by marketers to increase production while they can focus on upgrading their marketing. Machines are best at doing boring tasks for longer hours at faster pace. This characteristic can be leveraged by marketers.

AI is a strong advantage to beat competition, and that is why global heavy weights are investing a lot in AI. Companies like Google have even defined themselves as AI first company.

And Artificial Intelligence is not just for big corporations, but also for small businesses.Take for example WordAI, the provider of a software that rephrases entire text that is fed into it. It is available at subscription for media houses to write articles and news.

This is time for marketers to be creative and find ways to optimize their strategy with the use of Artificial Intelligence.



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