Add Humor to Your Writing in 9 Simple Ways and Increase the RoI of Your Blog

add humor to writing

Why do you want to add humor to your writing? Because humor is appreciated. Once you add humor readers are more engaged with the website and author. It makes the reader visit your website frequently. You get higher returns to your investment of time, energy, and money. By simply adding humor you can reduce bounce rate of your website drastically and many a times helps you sell products or services to.

People find it hard to add humor, specially if they are writing about something they are passionate about. Relevant humor doesn’t come easy, and that makes it difficult for the writers. Most writers will add humor in the opening line or the first paragraph but it diminishes in the subsequent paragraphs.

How to Add Humor in Articles Consistently?

In this article I will mention some tips that will help you make your article humorous and that too consistently.

Use Satire (Not Sarcasm)

Satire is the most elegant form of putting a point. It takes a serious issue and adds humor to it, keeping it light while conveying the idea behind it. There is a thin line between satire and sarcasm. Look at the image above to learn the difference between the two and stick to satire.

Be Warned

Satire is not every reader’s cup of tea. Also, satire is not appropriate in some cases. For example, when talking of someone’s death or religion or issues such as rapes and molestation. It is really difficult to pull off such topics with satire. If you are not an expert of satire, avoid satire in such scenarios.

Introduce and Make Fun of Yourself

Making fun of yourself is the most common type of humor used. Just because it is the safest. Humor can sometimes backfire, and to avoid that people opt for making fun of themselves than something or someone else. While you are introducing yourself in an article, use humor to make it interesting. Add some funny anecdotes from your life, or make up one, or simply steal. This way you can as well built a character for your readers and they may get addicted to the character. You know how popular is Dora, the explorer.

Put Metaphors to Use

In simple words, a metaphor is the use of a strong concept to explain or increase the intensity of a weak concept. Example, Life is a roller coaster. It is not actually a roller coaster. Here, it means that life as you live it is full of ups and downs like you see in a roller coaster. Metaphors are easy and can be really funny at times. It just doesn’t provide humor but also helps understand the situation better. Author could have written, that in his life sometimes he gets a lot of success and at other times he experiences a lot of losses. But the intensity is far more visible when he says, life is a roller coaster, isn’t it?

Use Memes

add humor to articles using memes

Seriously, use memes. They are funny. Everyone agrees to this. Just don’t overdo it or no one will read what you wrote and just browse through the memes. They are also addictive. Haven’t you ever just spent hours browsing through memes without realizing? One meme or at max two should be fine. Or your article will be no different than the viral posts people make.

Hand drawn Cartoons

I personally love the hand drawn cartoons. They are clean and if done consistently, they can give your blog a sophisticated touch with a character. Have a look at GrooveHQ’s blog and Zerodha’s homepage

hand drawn images for adding humor to articles

Don’t you simply love them? They are adorable and sometimes even funny.

Use Comic Strips

Comic strips are a great way of adding humor to article. The best way to explain you this is through examples. Go to and subscribe to their newsletter. They start their weekly newsletter with a comic strip. The strip as well as the introductory paragraph are very humorous. You can learn a thing or two from

Be Daramatic. Use Clichés

People may not openly appreciate drama but they enjoy it. A dramatic post is far more enjoyable than a realistic post. Whatever you may think or believe, drama works for readers/viewers/everybody. If something as cliche as “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.” hit your mind. Do not hesitate, use it. Drama is better than real. Cliche is better than dull.

Use Someone’s Work

You can also go ahead and use some work of other writers. Your audience want great piece of article. Where does it come from does not concern them. You can use works by others if you give them the due credits. They will appreciate it if they find out. After all they are getting exposed to a new audience too. Just make sure to ask them for their permission and mention the source in the article. For example, a lot of the content on this website comes from 100s of other website. My job is to provide my audience with relevant content, and they get it here.

Note Funny Lines

You come up with funny lines all the time. Make sure you note them in your phone or book. You may not come up with funny lines while you are writing an article. At those times you can use the lines you had noted earlier. Whenever I come across some funny lines, specially in restaurant bathrooms, I keep a mental note of them and try to use them in my writings.


Here is the secret that will help in all cases. Google it. After every paragraph you write, take the key word in that paragraph and google it with the word “funny” in front of it. Then check out the images. You will find interesting and funny lines around it that you can potentially use. Happy Pappy? Expecting one comment from you to get the feedback going.

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