Telephonic interview can be hard to crack if you do not know about these tips

tips to crack your telephonic interview

There is few phone calls that we are anxious about. One of them being the call for job interview. I get so anxious that I text my parents and friends to not to call me 30 minutes before my telephonic interview. Have you ever experienced the same? Here are few tips that you can use to make your telephonic interview anxiety-free.

1. Get a good pair headphones with mic

It is better to use your headphones as this leaves your hands free to write down notes or to gesticulate. The advantage of gesticulation is that you get a feeling as if you are talking to the person as if they are in front of you and not through a device. This relaxes your brain which in turns helps you focus on the questions.

2. Make sure your voice do not echo in the room

This is common if you are taking the call in an empty room. It would make your voice sound funny and which not be a pleasant thing. Plus, an empty room makes one more nervous. So do make sure there is no echo in the room.

3. Minimise the distraction

If you are writing notes do not fiddle with your pen or keep clicking it. The interviewer on the other side might hear and wouldn’t appreciate it. And keep looking straight. I suggest to look in the mirror while speaking as it gives you an impression of face to face interview. Plus you can see your expressions. Remember the other person can hear your smile too.

4. Always smile

Like I mentioned in the above point, your smile can be heard through the phone. So always keep the smile on your face while giving any kind of interview. Be it telephonic, face to face or Skype.

If you are a MBA graduate, you need to know answers to these common questions asked during the interview.

Is there any other tip or trick that you use during your telephonic interview? Do let me know in the comments below. It might just help someone during his next telephonic interview.



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