13 year old Indian builds and sells company in 6 months

13-year old Akshit, who built odd-even.com sells the company for an undisclosed amount in all cash deal to Gurgaon-based Orahi

13 year old Indian builds and sells a company in 6 months

13-year old Akshit, who built odd-even.com sells the company for an undisclosed amount in all-cash deal to Gurgaon-based Orahi

At the age when most people don’t know anything about technology, problems, products, and startups, this kid from Amity International School built a product that solves a day-to-day problem of the residents of Delhi and sold it to another startup.

Late last year, the Government of Delhi introduced the odd-even rule for private vehicles used to commute within city limits. The rule was introduced in order to curb the problem of rising air pollution in the national capital.


The new odd-even rule created a new problem for the residents of Delhi — the problem of commuting on dates when their private vehicles cannot be used.

Akshit’s Solution

Akshit sensed this problem early and designed a simple solution around it. He built a odd-even.com that would display all the vehicles that could make a move in the city on the day the users are using the application. Along with that, it would display the start and the end destination, the time the vehicle owner would be travelling, and the contact details of the vehicle owner. Users could easily find people who could offer them carpooling and reach out to them. It is not necessary to have a car to use the application for carpooling. Anyone can use it take a ride.

Akshit is part of the TiE Delhi-NCR Young Entrepreneur (TYE) programme and is ambitious about creating solutions that has large social impact. Akshit learnt to code at an early age and was helped by his father in developing the carpooling website. Akshit’s father is an IT-entrepreneur himself. Akshit says that he did the HTML, CSS, and Java coding, and his father helped him with PhP coding.


Orahi.com, a Gurgaon-based carpooling platform provider, bought Akshit’s odd-even.com in an all-cash deal. The amount is undisclosed. Akshit will be part of Orahi’s advisory board for a year and will be mentored by the company. Orahi claims that odd-even.com has a user-base of 30,000. Arun Bharti, CEO, Orahi, says that they bought odd-even.com as the name was easy to remember. Going forward, people visiting odd-even.com will be redirected to orahi.com.

Here is how the odd-even website looks like now. After the acquisition, Orahi has put up their advertisement at the top.

Odd Even Orahi
Odd Even Orahi






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